Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Udta Punjab—My Punjab Still Flies High(on Ecstasy)!

Udta Punjab! What is this chorus about? Suddenly every one is realising that Punjab is no more flying high. It has become one of the worst states in India. What nonsense! I say... so what if on few parameters our performance has dipped few notches, Punjabis are still far better than Biharis. 

Punjab has always lived life king-size. They have always in a fast lane. They worked hard and partied even harder. Prosperity flowed through their veins in form of alcohol. It is just that they have become too lazy to work now and means of intoxication have changed. Now it comes in various forms—you can sniff it, smoke it, inject it or even ingest it in the form of a pill. Packets of all sorts(including drugs, fake currency, arms & ammunition and god knows what) hurled across the international border and later picked up by one of the most efficient nexus has ensured that psychotropic substances are abundantly available over the counter and can cost as low as 5-10 rupees. 

No please don't tell me about the deteriorating situation. I know it very well that now it is a curfew like situation in major portion of the state after 10 pm, with police almost forcing shut every dhaba, joint on the roads and lesser traveled roads are barricaded and travelers warned against looters. So what if there are car-jacking, motorcycle-jacking or people are waylaid, it is still better than a few places in the country. I pity the villagers who get up perplexed and do a stock taking exercise around their house to find what was the latest target. Wires, plastic, scrap metal, old papers anything and everything that can fetch a dose makes sense for junkies. Someone even took pains to steal spark-plug out of a motorcycle in Kapurthala probably for dope. 

So what if I don't wear turban, I am still a die-hard Punjabi. And I have a newer version of Beatle's famous 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamond' AKA 'LSD' and it goes like thisUdta Punjab—Jo Vi ho... Sannu Ki'(whatever happens I am not bothered, my Punjab is flying high on ecstasy). 

But still if you want your film to be certified, don't use word 'Punjab'. It gives a wrong impression and I only care about my image. And if it is so I would say after thousands of deaths and lakhs of households ruined you must be joking Mr Nihalani. If abusing or tarnishing image of the state is in question I would like you to go back and watch Delhi Belly once again. Or may be you are scared of loosing job if political bosses are do not like the film.

For those who want to decide for themselves, Please watch the official trailer