Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bloody Indians! Are those 5 Minutes dearer than a life?

Unfortunately yes... such is the psyche of Dilli wala; actually not just national capital it is the race against time in most of India more so in metro cities. Everyone here is running to save those few seconds without thinking about the cost that you or someone else might have to pay. Let us not count but there have been so many such incidents that have proved fatal. Latest incident resulted in death of a Union Minister. 

How many of us have thought of stopping at a signal when we are supposed to. We will jump signals, go wrong side of the traffic, stop anywhere we like to, overs-peed as much we like to... what for! We all are in a rat-race to save those few seconds... 'Chalta Hai' is just apt to describe our attitude. Many of us dread early morning or late night drives. Even if any of the drivers are not drunk they are high on the facts that empty roads are a novelty and their is hardly anyone to hold them back from this rash burst of speed. Ask any call center employee anywhere in India about their cab walahs. 10 out of 10 will tell you the reality. And, the reality is that in this country a life is cheaper then anything and everything. 

Has anyone ever questioned the need for this mad rush, probably not. A few of the pretexts would be I am getting late for office... I need to reach home fast... I have a sales call to attend and so on. Excuses galore but no one would be able to justify actually stopping for a chat or a chai or a smoke before entering office or after leaving from office. The harsh fact is that Indians have enough time to waste here and there but not for the rules and regulations that can save so many lives. Only thing we care for are those traffic challans.

Bloody Indians! 
They have no respect for law and order. Though they had vested interests, but I guess those Englishmen were right to an extent when they used to spank us. This minister's death will be forgotton in no time but what will not change is our attitude.