Thursday, November 12, 2015

Diwali & Delhi: Pollution Woes

Cool or uncool the capital will not stop indulging in the extreme means to show offs. More so, on Diwali night when many households vie for the loudest and the longest running fire-shows. Oh—who cares for fumes, which are the most hazardous by-products along with high decibels. This year too the air quality in the Capital deteriorated alarmingly on Diwali night as pollution levels spiked as much as 23 times higher than normal in areas.

Delhi Pollution Control Committee while monitoring found out that the Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM), which directly affects breathing, has gone up by over 23 times from the national ambiance air quality standard at Anand Vihar. At 11pm, PM10 was recorded at

2,308 microgram per cubic meter (mpcm) while the prescribed standard is 100mpcm. PM2.5, for which the prescribed standard is 60mpcm, also touched an alarming high at 619mpcm at midnight in this heavily polluted area in East Delhi. Rest of the capital was a little better in terms of extreme readings.

Every year, the pollution figures start to increase around 6 pm on the day of Diwali, tend to peak between 10 pm & midnight and remain unhealthy till about 6 am the next day. Experts say these particulate matters which are way above the permissible limit are extremely dangerous for people suffering from asthma and other respiratory and cardiac problems, and also for children and the elderly.

Ironical it is when National Green Tribunal is working overtime to ensure clean air supply to our lungs, we will keep on feeling the aftereffects of such frenzy show-offs for few days to come. I will not be surprised if next time around the tribunal orders ban on crackers in Delhi. On second thought, whole country needs clean air. LET US BAN FIRECRACKER PRODUCTION ALL-TOGETHER

Till then those with heart and lung diseases, it is better to stay indoors.