Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grow Up Mr Sainik

After their well known political party’s leader allegedly forced a fasting muslim worker to eat, they say why give it a comunal colour. God forbid anything like that should happen, but I would like to see their reaction when a hindu is forced to eat a chapati or for that matter meat during navratras. Those self proclaimed hinduvadi’s are sure to come out violently on the streets. I guess for them it is easy to say  that people are deriving political milage and maligning the party’s image, but very difficult to say sorry to that small pantry worker.

They claim to “respect all religions but will not tolerate if anyone tries to flaunt his religious affiliation for intimidation: and go on to profoundities like ” One should keep his religion in his heart and in his house”. Probably they have forgotton their parst and particularly their role between December 1992-March 1993. I sincerely hope when they say, ” One should keep his religion in his heart and in his house” they have burried their past and would stick to this statement in true sense. I can only hope.

They say "Was it wrong to question the injustice?. Was it wrong to question the catering contractor on the quality of food served there?” I hope they will raise their voice against all injustices, if not in India then in Maharashtra, and if not in Maharashtra then in Mumbai atleast. I hope they will atleast stop bullying their immediate neighbours. I hope they will now believe in equality for all irrespective of caste, colour and creed. I hope they will grow above comunalism and regionalism.  I hope the same rulle is applicable to all those in BMC or other establishments where they dominate.

"What is wrong if the chapati is taken to the mouth of the contractor and he was asked to eat it. It was not written on his face that he was a Muslim. It was just a coincidence. The contractor serves such chapatis that are difficult to break. How is one supposed to eat such food?" If this is what you have to say then probably Mr Sainik this is a very lame excuse. I think you need to personally and publically need to appologise to him for whatever you have done. Maharashtra Sadan is not your personal fiefdom also. And don’t be under false impression that you have made Marathi Manoos proud, rather you have shamed yourself and the community in particular.